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201: Kali Hawk

Here are two things you need to know about Kali Hawk;

1) Don’t box her in.
2) Don’t bring her down.

Ever evolving, she seems at times like a four year old bouncing around inside the circus of thoughts serving as her brain, fueled by the idea of “why?” Why do things have to be the way you say they are? You put up a wall, she pretends it’s a door. You draw a line in the sand, she turns it into a smiley face. She is thoughtful, friendly, mischievous, clever, and more than anything, intent on being free to be. She is her own mama bear protecting her inner child. And when you talk to her, good luck trying to figure out which is which. You want to find out what it’s like to be on a ┬ádate with a child prodigy? Punch Play.

Listen to the Feature Beat.