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402: Sunny Anderson

You cannot rain on Sunny Anderson’s parade. She is a self contained eco-system where everything always turns out right. Not that it starts out that way, because into every life a little rain must fall. But when she unleashes her megawatt mindset, and focuses on clearing out the clouds and getting down to getting to it, she comes on like a star that can’t help but to shine. The name is not an accident. You might know her as a TV personality, celebrity cook, author, or maybe even a hip-hop radio jock,  but for her, it’s all just work. And Sunny Anderson gets the job done. Find out how. Punchplay.

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One thought on “402: Sunny Anderson”

  1. Finally you gave me the correct sign to leave you comments. We can’t be found by leaving comments. We can’t be found by going to our webcast……..”.They are talking to me”…. I will rebel and in fact leave commentS!!

    Great strategy and I don’t appreciate how your reverse psychology worked. Nor how you made me use a big word like reverse psychology….. twice..

    On the real. I enjoy your podcast immensely. This one with Sonny really touched my heart cause I can relate to her optimism combined with her willingness to do the work. Very inspiring and encouraging.

    This podcast is the truth and please continue doing what you guys are doing.


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