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209: Lalah Hathaway

The First Daughter of Soul. That is a name you don’t just give to anyone. Unless she’s Lalah Hathaway. Have there been other children of other iconic soul singers? Yes. But only one is the daughter of Donny Hathaway, and only one can sing like Lalah. As unpretentious as a chocolate chip cookie, but every bit as rich and delicious, the sounds that come out of her are drenched in layers of sweet savory sonic sauce the melt in your mind. She comes by it honestly. Whip smart with a wicked sense of humor,  she’s genuine and sweet, she’s a quiet corner of taste, talent and tenacity in a ring of challengers calling themselves champs.  Perhaps heaven is not missing an angel, but it’s guaranteed one of them can’t sing, because Lalah Hathaway has her voice.


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