202: Bishop Don ‘Magic’ Juan

The Green is for the money. The Gold is for the honey. If you’ve never heard that phrase before then you’ve never spoken to the Bishop Don “Magic” Juan. Pimp turned Preacher, the man has a way with words. He has a way with women. He has a way of flipping the script and turning the tricks of the trade into a position or condition that always ends with him coming out on top. He started from the bottom now he’s here. He will often say “the game is to be sold, not told…” Well, he told us. Get ready for chuuuch. Punch play.

Listen to the Feature Beat.


3 thoughts on “202: Bishop Don ‘Magic’ Juan”

  1. I wanted to know more about Bishop’s history as a pimp and minister. How he got his start … Who cares about what he does in the morning or his ideas for reality shows?

    1. that story has been told already. you just have to research it. the point of this podcast, i think, is to show black people in a wide range. let some white people interview him on that stuff. for example, i thought it was interesting that he used to help bernie mac booked shows around chicago.

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