108: Debbie Allen

108: Debbie Allen

Fame. Debbie Allen has that. How’d she get it? Beauty, brains, perseverance, and talent are the cornerstones that turned her into the triple threat choreographer/ actress/director that we know her as today. Ms Allen (if you’re nasty) is also a card carrying member of the quote club.  You know the quote club; “I’ll be back..”, “Do you feel lucky?”, “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”  If you don’t know her quote , you’ll hear it. And the thing about her quote that separates hers from many of the others is she lived it. When they came up with the phrase “if you don’t know, you better ask somebody…”, I think they were talking about Debbie Allen. Punch Play.

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6 thoughts on “108: Debbie Allen”

  1. I was so happy to come across this interview. It was humorous, insightful, educating, and inspiring! I took so much from this for myself and am sharing with everyone I can. Thank you.

  2. Great interview I heard Debbie Allen speak last night, and this confirms that I love her..lol Great interview, until Ali tried to sound so knowledgeable about something he couldn’t have been more wrong about…lol That Jay Z shit was honestly the most painful 20 minutes of the entire life of the podcast. Like, it hurt to listen to. Owen, I know its hard to stop him, but DAMN. If Jay-Z made a f#$% ANNIE song, INTO HIS OWN, how does that NOT show that he acknowledges that he knows WHO annie is? Not sure he’s heard 1 full Jay Z album..lol
    LIke, not one. Sheesh! I thought it would never, EVER stop. I felt so sorry for Ms. Debbie Allen. The nigga would NOT STOP TALKING..lol He CLEARLY could not have been LESS equipped to have a conversation about this, but he powered through. He just kept f#$% going! Like, he wouldn’t stop, and he tried as hard at the end as he did in the beginning! Thats some HEROIC IGNORANCE, in the face of FREE ACTUAL FACTS! AMAZING! …He just wouldn’t stop! Thats some amazing shit! The shit was brilliant! As redundant as it is to read what I’m saying, over and over, is how it sounded on the other end.

    1. David –
      Thanks for listening. Especially to those painful 20 minutes. And just to be clear, my point about Jay Z was not that HE didn’t know where his music comes from, it’s that other young artists looking to him as an inspiration could benefit to know the sources he looked to. I have heard one full Jay Z album. I just don’t know which one it was. I accidentally bought the acapella Black Album. I hear the one with music is better. And thanks for calling me “heroic.” I think I can help the world if I talk a lot. And just so you know, Owen will try to stop me from saying what sounds like dumb shit in the future. He will not succeed. Because I am a hero. And I really do appreciate you listening. And your comment. Thank You. — Ali

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